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Your Business Plan

After you have a clear vision in your mind it is time to make that vision come to life. You need to know how you are going to get things started while having a long term goal as well in place. You need to have step one in place and how and who will be responsible for accomplishing this goal, then step 2 and so forth.

Each one of these steps needs to be leading to the final goal or destination of your business voyage.

So how do you do this? First let’s see what a business goal really is.

Setting Goals

What is a Business Goal?

• Clearly describes actions to be taken or tasks to be accomplished.

• Describes a desired future condition toward which efforts are directed.

• Without a goal you will find yourself accomplishing very little.

• They are your goals and you need to design them to fit you and your business.

Goal setting has two basic purposes:

1. The first purpose is to establish a measure or a way to evaluate the success of your business. You must be able to track it and see that it is aligned with your success.

2. The second purpose is to set different priorities for all involved. You need to decide who will be accountable for the accomplishments of each goal you set.

For example let’s say you are setting your goals for your next project. You have partnered up to do a Joint Venture project.

You will need to decide who will be responsible for each aspect of the project. Who will write the e-book, who will do the videos, who is going to make sure the copy gets done and so forth .

As the owner and manager of your business you need to set goals to help keep you focused on the success of your business. There are so many things that will keep you distracted. You need to have a system set in place to help keep you away from all of the distractive activities that will do nothing except keep you from doing the things you need to do.

Without a goal you will find yourself accomplishing very little.

Common characteristics of a business goal:

• Your business goal comes from your mission statement. Your mission statement is nothing more than what you plan to accomplish. Your goals are how you plan to accomplish them.

• Your business goals need to be challenging. You need to set goals that will require some effort to reach. Don’t make them so challenging that they are not obtainable, because that will lead to failure. You need to challenge everyone that is involved and responsible for its achievement.

• Your business goal needs to say what is going to be done. It needs to be Task-oriented. A business goal must state what is to be accomplished as clearly as possible. Effective goals use action-oriented words like how.

1. How we will implement this plan

2. How will we establish our advertising is working,

3. How will we make sure that the product is the right product for our market, etc.

• Your business goals need to be short term. Today business moves so much faster with the use of the internet. Things are changing at “Internet Speed” So now we need to have goals that have shorter time frames. Most of them should be a year or less now.

 Never just make up one set of goals and then forget about them. You need to be constantly re-evaluating our goals. Take a look at what goals you have accomplished and then set new goals for you to strive to meet.

• Your goal needs to be very specific. You must state exactly what is required from each one that is involved. If the goal you set will lead you to a 6 figure business in one year then you need to clearly say that if we follow this goal we will be a six figure business in one year.

If we clearly define our goals it will be much easier for everyone or even just yourself if you are the only one involved, to understand, and achieve. You will also be able to measure the amount of success you had. It will help you to always see if you are still on track with where you are heading.

Examples of Goals to Set

• Create an online Internet Marketing Business that will deliver high-quality products to my customers. Find the products that my customers want to buy.

• Create a website for my product that my customers can easily find. Make it a pleasurable experience once they land on my site.

• Create a good relationship with my list of subscribers that have chosen to opt-in, so they become responsive buying customers.

• Put in place a management structure and work with Joint Venture Partners to accomplish my goals more efficiently and profitably.

What is missing?

Now that you know what a business goal is, you need to write out your business goal

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