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Getting Started

Do you have business challenges? Are you trying to grow your business or want to be your own boss, but haven’t yet found practical information?

It is my goal throughout this ebook to help you to overcome your obstacles and reach your dreams.

One of the first things you need to remember before we get started is that there is no magic pill out there for you to swallow and become an instant millionaire.

No matter what you do in life or what methods you choose in accomplishing your goals and visions it is going to take some serious work on your part.

It is going to require you to take action!

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Thinking like a Marketer

Thinking like a marketer is crucial to your success. I have covered this slightly before but want to re-visit this subject again as it is crucial to your success as a marketer.

You will find that everywhere you look that everyone teaches you the systems, or the how to “make money online”, but very seldom will you find anyone that teaches you that you also need to know how to think like a marketer. This is the missing piece.

Do you honestly want to be a successful internet marketer? If so then you need to be a marketer.

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Creating your Vision

Many people who search for success lack a couple things that are very important. I want to cover them over them over the next couple of days with you. The first one I want to cover is your lack of vision. The Bible says that with the lack of vision the people perish!' Proverbs 29:18. This is so true. Of course we are not going to be talking about getting your glasses checked or check to see if you need glasses. Well In away maybe that is not such a bad analogy to use either. I remember when I first needed glasses I didn't even realize how bad my vision really was until after I put my new glasses on and went outside. I noticed everything in a clearer detail than I had in a long time.

I never even knew what I was missing. While driving home I noticed individual rocks in the gravel along the side of the road instead of just noticing the gravel. Instead of just noticing the trees had leaves I noticed the patterns of the leaves and even the birds that were in the trees.

Your Business Plan

After you have a clear vision in your mind it is time to make that vision come to life. You need to know how you are going to get things started while having a long term goal as well in place. You need to have step one in place and how and who will be responsible for accomplishing this goal, then step 2 and so forth.

Each one of these steps needs to be leading to the final goal or destination of your business voyage.

So how do you do this? First let’s see what a business goal really is.

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How to Write Business Goals

Writing your business goal should not be something that is complicated. Your business goal should be pretty straightforward. You will use some of the information from your mission statement. Your business goal is nothing more than making a list of the things that you will need to have happen, that will help you ensure your mission becoming a reality.

Remember one of the characteristic of your goal is task-oriented. Make sure you focus on these characteristics.

In just a sentence or two describe how each will be accomplished. Make sure they are very specific and make sure you add some challenge.

You may think that writing goals is a bit much too really get into because you are never really planning on expanding or even hiring any employees. Well even if you are never planning on having a partner or employees, it is essential to form a business mission statement and set your goals.

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